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Recreate our Shoryu signature ramen at home!

We know you've been missing our ramen and that's why we couldn't be more excited about our brand new DIY Shoryu Kits which are finally here to help you satisfy those ramen cravings!

What does the DIY KIT include?

The kits come with everything you need to turn yourself into a ramen master and make awesome Shoryu at home - from original hosomen noodles, 12-hour bangin' tonkotsu soup stock or vegan tonyu stock, all important toppings and step by step instructions, it's all in the kits. Get ready to create one hell of an authentic Shoryu experience in your own kitchen in just 10 mins.

Shoryu Ganso Ramen Kit Contains 2 Servings:

- 600ml Shoryu signature 12-hour tonkotsu soup stock
- 2 x Original ramen noodles
- Char siu bbq pork belly
- Beni shoga red ginger
- Spring onion
- Kikurage mushrooms

Suggested Extras (not contained in the KIT):

- soft boiled or nitamago egg (we recommend Burford Browns for their rich yolk, find our nitamago recipe on our instagram highlights)
- nori seaweed


This product contains wheat, soy, garlic & fish extract. Please note because of the nature of our kitchens we can not guarantee that our food is free from allergens.


Eco-friendly Packaging

All the toppings and the ramen noodles are all packed in biodegradable plastic. The ice packs can be reused and the cardboard recycled. The kits are sent with DPD that aim to deliver all packages carbon neutral by offsetting emissions.

Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Sunday Brunch
“fantastic, just like eating in a restaurant!”

“Shoryu-standard ramen at home”

Evening Standard
“recreate the restaurant’s 12-hour tonkotsu pork ramen in your own kitchen”